May 26, 2012

my result is soo not COOL

hello people,firstly happy holiday to me and semua org yg bergelar pelajar sekolah
cewaah,and this post is about my exam mid term punye result,erk and 
my result is not as what i'm expected,yeah, coz' my expectation is not so high
maklumlah,ukur baju di badan sendri laa--',i know my limits,and i'm not a genius
so far,i have not get all my marks,but marks yg dah dapat tu ,they were so awful.though@__@
haish,what must i do to fix it?? or at least upgrade it??
eh,btw i am not gonna tell you my marks,okayy,it's a secret,a BIG one,cett
okayy,that's all for this post,i'm not in my mood,and it's like OMAGAAAAA--'

May 22, 2012


hello people,and now ni aku kat cc skola
cikgu suruh buat kerja aku bole merewang kat sini--'
hihihihi,oh and i'm going home on friday weee~
okayy,nanti kantoi pulakk ngan cikgu
jumpe kat rumah,bye(;

May 5, 2012

mid term,ESOK!!

hello there,kali ni last post before aku balek FATIMAH,as always laa kann
setelah semingguaku bermaharajalela kat rumah,
hmm memang agak liat laa nak balek asrama terchentaku
oh,and btw,esok mid term start
hehehe,rilek laa kann
what should i do
ha,amek kau,padan muka rajazarith
ade seminggu kt rumah bukan main joli katak kau ye--'
aduss,gimana si ini
aku harus gimana??
eh,asal tetibe ade loghat indon pulakk ni?
hmm,memang mcm ni laa jd nya bile otak sume x berfungsi ngan baek
hahahaha,okayy,cam dah bynk sgt je melaalut ni
people,do pray for me

May 2, 2012

I'M ADDICTED TO BUTTONS=__________________________=

so hello and good night people(;
kali ni i wanna share my new interest with all of you
jengjengjeng,and the new interest is
okay,actually tade la menarik sgt pon
just because dia something yg baru diDISCOVER oleh saya
so i feel really excited--'
i know it's kind of lame actually
oh,and i've got a few pictures on buttons to share with you guys
and here it is(;

CUNN kann (;
okay,that's all for this post
we'll meet again in the next post