Jan 2, 2012

2012,hello there(;

well.hello there. okay, i know it's kind of late to wish 
HAPPY NEW YEAR,but this is my blog
so,suke hati kite laa(;
bile ckp new year,mesti sume org pon ckp psl 
azam baru.
for me,my azam for this year is...
hahahaha,act,x tau laa ape my azam for this year.pelik kann??
okay,jgn buat muke --'hmm,
okay laa.here are some of my azam..

  • I WANNA BE A BETTER PERSON (coz' i'm turning 16 this year)
  • BE A GOOD SENIOR (okay,itu akan dipertimbangkan)
  • and be A GOOD MUSLIMAH AND SOLEHAH FOR MY BEKALAN at this world and hereafter(;

okay,that's all for kali ni.
i'll write the next post very soon ,till then

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