Jun 6, 2011

kuala lumpur BEST LAA:)

so, the story begins here:)

ahad,5.00 ptg
kitorg sume rushing pack brg utk  ke KUALA LUMPU
tujuan : nk shopping kt sane --' hahaha
(cam x logik je)
ok, then hnttr nenek kt umah atok and 
our journey pon start :D
mase dkt highway,biase2 je,
bile da masok melaka
ayah pon da tension da
then,we stopped at ayer keroh
for solat and DINNER:)
THEN,jln la smpai kt sg.besi and jumpe la acu and uncle
tros pg check in HOTEL 
and after tu pg kedai mamak jap for 
some supper --'
aftr that,back to the hotel and BUMM!!
(tidor la)

isnin,9.00 pg
mndi and acu ajak brkfst kt old town
so,we went down and have our brkfst there
then,tros pg naek mo0norail

then,naek LRT plak:)
smpai kt jln.tar,
and BAHANA SHOPPING pon bermula
byk gile kdai tudung and org yg plg excited,
mestilah my mother
enth brapa byk kdai pon kitorg x tau
along,aq and adek bli kain utk raye la,
then,mak uda and pak uda dtg
aftr da jln jaoh gile tu,
kamee sume pg SOGO:)
the first thing bile smpai sogo,MAKAN:)
after tu still lg SHOPPING
pkul 6,naekla LRT and balek ke hotel
then,solat and dinner kt SOHO SEAFOOD:D
home sweet home:)

mmg la pnt gile,
tp mmg best la:)
ok,tu je
with that, i thank u :0

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